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What is psychotherapy? 

Psychotherapy is an intentional interpersonal relationship used by a trained psychotherapist to aid a client in problems of living. It aims to increase the individual's sense of well-being and reduce their subjective sense of discomfort. 

How long does psychotherapy take? 

It is like eating a sandwich; it depends on how big the sandwich is and how fast you chew. Therapy is a process; the therapeutic alliance is one component of treatment that facilitates the client's efforts at gaining insight and understanding into themselves. 

How do I know if therapy works? 

Clients are the best judge of progress. Goals may be discussed throughout the course of treatment however the relational process of therapy is one of the primary "corrective" components of treatment.


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Psychological Testing

Accurately diagnosing psychiatric disorders is often difficult. 

Clinical Psychologists are trained to evaluate clusters of symptoms in an effort to reach a diagnosis. However, many psychiatric disorders have symptoms in common and aquiring adequate clinical information during therapy sessions is often time intensive. 

Psycological testing allows a Psychologist to differentiate between 
diagnosis that share some of the same symptoms and to efficiently reach a diagnosis. 

Accuracy in diagnosis is extremely important in understanding the client and particularly in regards to treatment planning. 

If you have specific questions about a particular test or would like more information about psychological assessment, please contact me.


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Child Custody Mediation

In California, mediation is mandated for parties with minor children. Dr. McClure has mediated with families in Placer County, Sacramento County, Yolo County and El Dorado County. 

Dr. McClure provides private mediation whereby the parties agree to mediate and absorb the cost of mediation services privately. Typically, private mediation is initially more expensive than Court ordered mediation, however a parenting plan is usually the first step in a Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA), and is often the foundation for other decisions that follow the mediation. In my experience, the time and money that goes into a well thought out parenting plan is often a good investment for the parties and their children.

Private mediation is different than Court ordered mediation where the parties meet with a mediator appointed by the Court. Although the cost of a Court ordered mediator is in most cases absorbed by the Court, the mediation is typically "brief mediation." 

If you have questions about the mediation process please contact me.

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Presurgical Evaluations

Bariatric surgery candidates, intrathecal pain pump patients, spinal cord stimulator patients and surrogocy candidates typically require a psychological screening.

Physician's will often refer a surgery candidate for a psychological screening to evaluate the patient for the strengths and limitations they posess. These factors are then used to determine a patient's suitability for the procedure being considered. Often a surgical candidate will have depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms or other problems that are secondary to their surgical problem. A coexisting psychological issue does not typically disqualify someone from having a surgery but identifying any psychological issues and preparing a treatment plan to address these issues improves surgical outcomes. 

A presurgical screening is intended to address with the patient the risks associated with a particular surgical procedure and the probable outcomes (pros & cons) associated with a procedure. 

Contact me if you have questions about a pre-surgical assessment.


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Qualified Medical Examiner (QME)

Dr. McClure is available to provide Agreed Upon Medical Evaluations (AME) for the California Workers Compensation System.

Contact me if you have questions about a QME.


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